Gray Feathers by Heather Miller of WhiteRose's Patterns
Gray Feathers by Heather Miller, WhiteRose’s Patterns

Gray Feathers is one of the color variations in the feather pattern series.  You can find this one on over 40 products at Zazzle.  The gallery below shows you a sampling of the products you can find in my Zazzle shop.  The dramatic pattern looks fantastic on both household items and clothing like leggings.  Be sure to check out my shop.  If I missed your favorite product, don’t hesitate to ask me to design it!  Requests are 100% free.  Send me a message through my site  (note: messaging system on Zazzle’s website does NOT always work, it’s safer to email me).




This pattern comes in 3 other colors.  Be sure to check them out!

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